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Upcoming Events

Security background checks for ministry to minors and special needs
are now required. If you want to volunteer for this vital service, please allow the church to
perform this confidential search of criminal records at Landmark's expense. There is a sign-up
sheet at the welcome table requiring your name and email address. You will receive an email
h a link to a permission application. Thank you for your willingness in supporting these
important safety measures for our church family.

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Saturday Announcements (3).png

Nursery Volunteers Rotation

September 17th and Wednesday September 20th

Sunday School

Elizabeth Burkhalter & Terry Lee

Morning Service

Madison Owens & Shannon Burkley

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Evening Service

Ami Cox & Kaition Cox


Deanna Keeling & Stephanie Creel


9/10 Robert & Danielle Cotton

9/17  Lisa Underwood & Richelle Helton

9/24 Philip & Brooke Delgado, and Jack Maples

Landmark Logos (1).png

PreK-1st Grade

9/10 Sarah Savage & Ashley Pruitt

9/17 Madison Owens & Kaylee Cox

9/24 Jody & Stephanie Creel

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